UX/UI Digital Product Designer Portfolio

Kristi Gordon
3 min readMay 13, 2017



I am a passionate, creative, motivated, problem solver; with a diverse background and experience working with multiple strategies and programs. Business strategies, goal setting, design sprints, prototyping, user research, product research, personas, and journey mapping, are some of the tools/methods used in my creative process. I love to learn about people, what makes them tick and how I can facilitate their journeys through digital products to achieve the most fulfilling experiences possible. I am proficient in documenting all aspects of my development process, including detailed technical decisions, trial and error; testing process, and not just what works, but why.


I have a bachelors degree from Utah Valley University in Digital Media, Web and App Development with an emphasis in Interaction and Design. Yes, this is the degree that you probably heard great things about. I loved school, I was there for the experience, not just the grade. The most important skill I learned in my degree was how to be an effective problem solver. I am passionate about UX design, I attended Adobe Max on my own dime, in 2016; and volunteered at FrontUtah in May 2017.

Design skills

I have a strong knowledge of the Adobe creative cloud suite, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Audition, Premier Pro, and more. I have training and experience in the proper use of typography, image composition, editing, compression, and optimization (style guide). UX/UI design is my first love, however, I have multiple related skills and creative talents. I believe that there are a variety of methods that can be used in the design process. Some projects require a series of 10x10s and research of various existing ideas before creating a series of wireframes. User research must be a part of the process in creating the user interaction. A product needs to be both functional and beautiful, each project has its own set of challenges and requires the incorporation of user research, interaction design, and visual design.

UX Projects

My process for UX design projects follows closely with Garrett’s The Elements of User Experience. Process, asset management, image (asset) optimization, documentation, user research, and the use of the AGILE method are some of the practices that I incorporate in building my projects. I am comfortable working in group settings or solo projects; I am able to take on many roles from project management, to ux/ui designer, writer, editor, animator, and in some cases, developer.

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Smart Lab digital brochure required user research, interaction design, and visual design skills. The Living Planet Aquarium communication app project utilized my skills in responsive design for optimal use. The AGILE method was used in this project along with my design partner and development team.
Virtual reality projects were fully designed and developed using my own skill set alone. I wore the hats of designer and developer as I worked closely with several clients. Flipboard redesign is a UX based project that fully explores the design, functionality, and workflow of the app cross platform as well as all sizes of devices.

Other Projects

I have created many other types of digital products such as virtual reality tours, iTunes LPs, iBooks, digital magazines, website updates and maintenance, website redesign, focusing on SEO, Audi interface redesign, style guides, and more…

Tap on first image for more details about iBook (technical brief), center image for more about website redesign with focus on SEO, right image for story about Flipboard redesign and prototype.