iTunes LP Project

Kristi Gordon
3 min readJul 10, 2017

Mumford and Sons iTunes LP

Creating an iTunes LP is an extensive process that requires a wide range of skills. First, experience working with XML files is helpful, as well as HTML and CSS. This type of project requires both strong coding and graphic design skills to create a high quality product. iTunes has a limited amount of LPs available for purchase. Some highly popular bands/artists such as, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, and Jon Mayer have these color digital products for an average of $9.99+.

What is an iTunes LP?

The LP closely resembles CD purchases from the early 90s, when buying a CD was a big deal. Instead of simply tapping on “buy now” and adding a list of songs to your account, on your digital device. One used to physically go the music store, and purchase a beautifully wrapped CD, nestled between hidden treasures such as: posters, stickers, booklets, etc. The excitement of unwrapping this product was an exciting experience for fans!

Die hard fans are no different today, they love a band, and all things that are produced from that band. The Lp simulates a similar experience with a digital product that gives consumers little “extras” in the form of images, behind the scenes videos, interviews, or other digital content that can enrich the experience of purchasing an album.

For research, I purchased multiple LPs to closely analyze features, coding requirements, and gain insights on what was makes these products a great experience. The main categories for all iTunes LPs include: Songs, Home, Credits, Photos, and Videos.

Coding for iTunes LPs

Front end development skills and an understanding or xml file formats are required for building an LP. Apple has a great resources for developers, as well as a template that allows for customization in style and placement of text and images. Songs are added to the LPs and a decent amount of meta data as well.

Stunning Visual Designs

The Fun Part!

Creating visual design for this LP was immensely enjoyable! Mumford and Sons has a large amount of high quality photos, as well as Red Rocks amphitheater. Following a loose color scheme helped to create a concept that tied all sections together while maintaining variety. Artwork for the cover seemed extremely important, it needs to catch the attention of customers. All images, (including cover thumbnail) are original creations that I constructed using multiple layers and extensive photo editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop.