Designing Smart Lab’s Digital Brochure


Client Interview

Site Map and Timeline

Site Map and Timeline
Short list of features and content

Sketching and Research

UVU style guide and Pinterest board
Assets kept organized in our labeled folders


Rough first draft sketches


Left side is before, right side is after editing


Finding and Creating Content

First iterations

360 Panorama Creation

360 Panorama creation and google maps

Overcoming obstacles

Image to far left is high quality, new image did not fit space (middle left)

Creating Video Animation and Infographic

Left, word doc, right, infographic created for brochure
Animation created for Smart Lab

Final Product

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn

Have empathy for those you work with (partner, and client)

Manage expectations in the beginning and throughout the process

Remain in contact with multiple members of a client team, cc more than one individual during email exchanges if necessary

Taking calculated risks can pay off in the end

Don’t be afraid to educate a client about quality assets, ask for what you need to get the job done right




UX/UI Product Designer

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Kristi Gordon

Kristi Gordon

UX/UI Product Designer

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